The Parish Council include copies of Minutes, Policy documents, and Financial information on this website. No documents will be displayed unless these have been agreed by Council, therefore, the Minutes of a meeting just held will not be added to the website until they have been approved as a “true and accurate record” of that meeting which is undertaken at the next meeting of the Council.

Financial Data 2018-2020:-

AGAR Documents 2020

BPC Cash Book 2020

CIL Monitoring Report 2019-2020


Member's Interests

Anthony Keith Winter

Beryl Anne Smith

Dexter Robinson

Sally Jane Carney

Victoria Charlotte Borough

Financial Data 2019

CIL Monitoring Report (Regulation 121B)

Annual Accountability and Governance Return 2019

Annual governance Statement 2018-2019

Bank Reconciliation

Financial Data 2018

BPC Cash Book 2019

BPC Assets Register

BPC Cash book 2018

BPC Annual Audit Statement 2018

Archived Minutes:

Agenda - Meeting 22nd March 2018

Draft Minutes of Meeting 23rd November 2017

Agenda - Meeting 25th January 2018

Draft Minutes -Meeting 23rd November 2017

Draft Minutes - Meeting 18th October 2017

Draft Minutes - Meeting 12th September 2017

Agenda - Meeting 23rd November 2017

Agenda - Meeting 18th October 2017

Draft Minutes - Meeting 27th July 2017

Agenda - Meeting 12th September 2017

Draft Minutes - Meeting 22 June 2017

Agenda - Meeting 27th July 2017

Agenda - Annual Parish Meeting 25th May 2017

Agenda - Annual General Meeting 25th May 2017

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting 29th March 2016

Minutes of FCM 23rd March 2017

Minutes of FCM 28th April 2017

Agenda - Meeting 28th April 2017

Minutes - Meeting 23rd March 2017

Agenda - Meeting 23rd March 2017

Minutes - Meeting 23rd February 2017

Minutes 23.07.15

Planning Minutes 20.08.15

Minutes 24.09.15

Minutes 26th November 2015

Minutes 28th January 2016

Parish Assembly 29th March 2016

Meeting 29.03.16

Minutes AGM 26.05.16

Minutes 28.07.16

Minutes 30.08.16

Minutes 22.09.16

Policy Documents and Financial Information:

Annual Governance Statement -1

Annual Governance Statement -2

Annual Governance Statement -3

Annual Governance Statement -4

BPC - Cash book 2016/7 (Excel)

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Asset Register

Code of Conduct

Expenditure over £100

Annual Return 2015-2016

Internal Audit Statement 2015-2016

Internal Audit Report 2015-2016

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